Appendix 2 – Player Rating


Rate yourself as accurately as possible using the following rating system. Your rating will be combined with those of your teammates to establish an overall team ranking in the tournament.  Our goal is to achieve as much parity as possible in each division and provide all teams with an equal chance of winning the Friendship Cup. Rate yourself honestly…no sandbagging, no handicap for weight, age, or last time you played…just rate your ability and skill level!

Give yourself a numerical rating based on the following categories, considering what division you personally should play in based on levels of talent you’ve seen in past tournaments. If you don’t know, ask your team coordinator for help! If you fall in the top or bottom of a category, add or subtract .5 as necessary from your numerical rating.

A Division

Rating 8. The best teams and players in the tournament…those that have years of experience and lots of ability. You know who you are and you don’t belong in a lower division!

B Division

Rating 6. Somewhere between A and C. We agree you’re not an A player; however, if you play in C, you can without a doubt beat the vast majority of those guys with your speed, skills, and/or experience, and those you can’t beat you can damn sure stop cold…and what would that prove? Stay where you belong!

C Division

Rating 4. C players are jacks-of-all-skills and masters of none! You would be able to skate in all directions reasonably well, have a somewhat burst of speed when needed, be able to stop fairly quick have some stick-handling and shooting skills, and know how to play basic hockey. Most of you currently play in a C league at home, so don’t go any lower!

D Division

Rating 2. If you had a little more experience or skills you would be a C player. You are definitely not a beginner so don’t go there!


Rating 1. Usually a brand new skater/player with little skating ability and no league experience.

If you can skate up and down the ice and turn without falling, or have played in any kind of league or tournament at your local “instructional” level or higher, move up at least a half level!

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