NxGen List

A “Next Generation” (NxGen) player is a non-ATC player that has participated in three or more March tournaments after April 1996, as noted in C.1.d. There is no limit to the number of NxGen players that may be on a team, however, a player must be named on the NxGen list to be eligible to play in that status. The Rules Committee will maintain the NxGen list and may add a player if sufficient data is provided showing that player participating in three or more March tournaments after April 1996.

Once a player participates in any three March tournaments after April 1996 the player is eligible to be added to the NxGen list. The player or their team rep must then submit their name and a list of three March tournaments with date, team, and city in which the player participated to the Rules Committee for consideration. If the player’s name is listed on a roster published in the tournament program for a listed year the information can be considered verified. If a player is not named in the tournament program for a listed year, any information that can verify player participation for that year must be provided by the player or team rep. The Rules Committee is the final authority to add players to the Nxgen list.

NxGen List:

Baker, Mike
Calabria, Sarah
Castro, Russ
Cooper, Rob
Foerster, Jim
Guth, Kim
Howze, Joey
Jennings, Susan
Kuga, Tomo
Mueller, Rich
Morrison, Lea
Moulding, Duane
Muyers, Paul
Naumann, Ron
Nygaard, Keith
Provencher, Tim
Ratzer, Brian
Smith, Donna
Stanek, Pete
Thomson, Ken
Tocher, Brad
Tyler, Garrod
Wilmes, Tim

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