Appendix 4 – Bid Proposal

At the Wednesday team rep meeting of each Tournament, teams may submit a bid proposal to host the Tournament two years from the current tournament. The proposal must be completed to the extent possible and copies should be made for each team rep. Representatives from the bidding team must have attended the past two Tournaments. At the Friday meeting, team reps will vote to decide the future Tournament location/Host. Results will be based on a simple majority of the team reps present.

When preparing a bid to host a Tournament, there are many things to consider. In fact, the list of things to do and items that must be budgeted for may seem overwhelming and easy to overlook. The best source of information is those that have hosted previously. A list of items to be considered when building a tournament budget is noted below and in Appendix 5, Statement of Earnings.

To fill out a bid proposal, highlight and copy items 1-11 below and then paste in any word document. Answer the listed questions to the extent possible. If you need to add any other information, list that under question 11. Bring copies of the bid proposal for all of the team reps.

Questions? Contact a Rules Committee Member.

Date of Tournament
Registrations Players
Registrations – Non Players
Merchandise Sales
Corporate Sponsorship
Other Sponsorship
Welcome Package
Meet & Greet
Audio/Video Rental
Transportation to Rinks
Transportation – Other
Hospitality Suite
Team Rep/Rules Committee meetings
Ice Rental
Stationary and Signage
Vehicle Rentals
Hockey Sweaters (old-timers)
Dressing Room Beverages
First Aid – Medical Coverage
Cell/Long Distance allowance
Liquor Expenses – Other
Team photos/video taping
Closing Banquet
Volunteer Expenses
ATC Hockey Fund levy of $10 per person in tourney currency
Charitable Donation
Pre-tournament meetings

Bid Proposal (please copy and print):
1. Host Team:                                                                                       Host Chairperson:
2. Tournament Location:                                                                   Proposed dates:
3. Destination airports(s):
Distance from airport to hotel:
Travel mode to/from airport/hotel:
4. Maximum number of teams for tournament:
How many sheets of ice available?
Game format (example: 15-minute stop clock periods):
Travel Time from hotel to ice rink(s):
Earliest and latest game times each day:
Will games be played on Tuesday?
5. Do you have any contracts or agreements with:
Sporting complex/ice rinks:
Hotel/other Accommodations:
Name(s):                            Per night rate including taxes:                     Guaranteed rate?
Bus Company/other Transportation:
6. Will beer and/or liquor be available at no charge to participants in hospitality suite?
If no, details/cost:
Proposed hours of operation for hospitality suite:
7. Will there be an old-timers division?
8. Estimated amount of float money requested from the Tournament Fund:
9. Estimated registration fee including $10 per person Tournament fund levy?
Players: Non-Players:
Currency of quote:
* * * A price increase in the registration fee or hotel room of more than 10% of what was
originally bid must be approved by the Rules Committee. * * *
10. Proximity of night life to hotel:
Mode of transportation to/from nightlife:
Considering all events and activities, is a rent car the optimum way to get around or is
there a sufficient mass transit or taxi system?
11. Additional information:

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